Chinese churches are growing rapidly all over the world, and especially in Mainland China . By the grace of God, we responded to this situation by establishing the Theological Correspondence School in 1994. Using lecture notes and multi-media facilities, we aim to train Christian leaders and Church workers in a systematic way. After a few years, even though we are not purposely advertising our work, yet through the leading of the Holy Spirit and by the recommendations of students and friends, the number of student grows speedily and surpassed 49,000 in year 2003.

Global Chinese Bible Institute (GCBI) is an approved non-profit Christian organization by the Hong Kong Government. Donation is income tax deducible in Hong Kong . GCBI is properly structured with its members, board of directors, overseas advisers, general secretary, lecturers and many missionaries as worker.


GCBI aims to train Christian leaders and church workers systematically through theological courses among the Chinese churches in various continents. Other attached ministries are publications and lectures in multi-media VCD. Other than correspondence theological courses, we do send lecturers to different cities to conduct face-to-face theological seminars in order to cultivate deeper academic and spiritual discipline among students.

Our Faith

We are an orthodox, inter-denominational, upholding the Bible authority, and faith organization. We believe in both the Old and New Testaments are revealed by God, and inspired by the Holy Spirit, totally true and in-errand. We accept the Evangelical faith, and profess the Apostolic Creed.

Characteristics of Theological Correspondence Courses
All courses are written in full lecture notes, and attached with test papers.
Contents focus mainly in Bible and pastoral ministry.
Wordings are easily read and understood, both in traditional and simplify Chinese characters.
Students can make use of multi-media VCD to attend lectures at home. We do provide tutorials through website.

We do publish many relevant materials, handbooks, books, multi-media VCD as tutorial tools for our students.

Theological Correspondence Courses are designed in two levels:

•  Undergraduate School : Certificate in Biblical Studies (24 credits), Diploma in Theology (48 credits), Associate Art Degree in Theology (96 credits), and Bachelor of Theology (192 credits).

•  Graduate School : Master of Art in Biblical Studies (60 credits), Master of Ministry (48 credits), and Master in Divinity (96/128 credits).

We issued certificates according to international standard, and our certificates are well accepted by many Seminaries.

In order to serve the larger Chinese churches communities, our tuition fees are affordable by most of the Christians.

NOTE: We offer theological education (lecture notes and multi-media lecturing) only in Chinese language.

Address: 13/F, 206 Prince Edward Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. 

Tel: (852)2722 1808

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